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Keeping Kids Active and Learning

June 22, 2020

Keeping Kids Active and Learning

With families across the world staying at home, it might not be easy to keep young kids engaged, active, and learning. Spare rooms, empty spaces, and lofts can be transformed into fun playrooms that create a friendly, cozy space that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Creating a space.

Spare rooms and lofts are the perfect places to utilize when designing a fun space for kids. Still, not every family in want of a playroom has a spare room available, and that's okay! A playroom doesn't have to be large and spacious. Many families have even dedicated just the corners of rooms to toys and games, using cute shelves and storage bins to keep everything tidy and organized. Fun elements like chalkboard walls and reading nooks can also be used to up the fun factor and encourage creativity. A pleasant, tranquil spot dedicated to learning and playtime is really all that's needed. 

Once the perfect area is chosen, your child can include any toys or decorations they wish to make the space feel more homey - and as they grow and their tastes change, you can continue to revamp and redecorate the space along with them. 

Work together on the room design.

The great thing about designing playrooms is that they allow for complete creativity and imagination. You could paint the walls your child’s favorite color or use stick-on wall decals for a less permanent option that still leaves a fun and youthful touch. Calm, neutral tones are also a good option for those who aren’t interested in bold wall colors. Bright pops of color can still be incorporated through throw pillows, rugs, or posters. 

Decorative shelves are also a great way to add interest and character to a playroom. They can be adorned with cute trinkets, framed family photos, past art projects or books they enjoy. Allowing your child to help you make these design decisions will help them feel even more connected to their special room.

Keep things intuitive and practical.

Since your kids will be occupying their playroom pretty often, they will be predisposed to messes. This makes functionality a vital element when it comes to designing the layout of a kids' room. There's an abundance of ways to prioritize organization in these spaces: labeled baskets, color-coordinated bins, toy cubbies, and storage benches are some examples. 

Utilizing wall space is a popular design choice because it allows your kids to display their favorite toys and games with the added benefit of not cluttering space on the ground. You could also consider using small tables and seating as another method of storage. 

More Home. Smart Choice.

Every HistoryMaker home reflects our “More Home. Smart Choice” mission—to provide the foundation for your most meaningful memories. We maximize functional space and include smart features that live the way you do. With intelligent construction methods, energy efficiency, and integrated home technology, building a HistoryMaker home is simply a smart choice.

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