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More Home. Smart Choice. The right combination.

February 7, 2020

More Home. Smart Choice. The right combination.

Shopping the perfect home for you and your family is a big event. The location is critical, and then comes the challenge of finding the place that will be your haven for years to come. Locating that special one that delivers more home and presents a smart choice is the right combination.

Stop and think about what that means. 

More home.

Your home is a huge investment—possibly the biggest one you’ll ever make. Naturally, you want to get as much as you can for your money. Don’t compromise on important things. You’ll spend years regretting it as you have to deal with a kitchen that is too small or lacks storage space. You might think you can live with the limited closets or the lack of an extra room for your home office or guest bedroom—but those shortcomings will nag at you. Or maybe you decided to buy a home and do the remodeling later. But “later” doesn’t happen.

When weighing the purchase price of a new home, consider the costs for remodeling and repair—not just the expense, but the value of your time. Do you want to spend your weekends fixing up your home to make it what you want or would you prefer to pursue more leisurely activities?

Your home should fit you, not the other way around. Keep that in mind when you’re house-hunting.

HistoryMaker Homes thinks about all the considerations that a homebuyer faces. We create homes and floor plans that are designed to maximize the square footage. Our homes are planned to fit the way you live, understanding that flexibility is a critical feature. Your life isn’t stagnant. Families grow and change. Your home should be able to adapt. 

Smart choice.

The word “smart” is tossed around a lot lately. The term usually applies to the latest automated technology: voice-activated assistants and apps that let you control your home’s systems from anywhere. Sure, that’s a big convenience and a valuable security feature. We offer a variety of home technology choices, like a security system and connectivity to support your growing network of devices.

Your smart choice in homebuying, however, is one that gives even more peace of mind than managing your thermostat, making sure your doors are locked, and seeing who is at your front door. We build homes with construction methods and materials that contribute to the structural integrity of your home while also reducing error, waste, and cost.

HistoryMaker Homes’ approach maximizes energy efficiency. These improvements lower your utility bills, provide a comfortable and consistent interior environment, and contribute to the resale value.

Our structural methods include superior engineering for roof trusses, floor joists, and subfloors. We take the extra effort because we stand behind every home we build and take pride in the fact that our homeowners have confidence that their investment is protected.

More home + Smart choice = The right combination

As you move ahead with searching for a new home, take your time. Ask questions—lots of them. Explore your options and know what you’re getting for your money. 

We invite you to browse HistoryMaker Homes’ communities and new construction homes for sale in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth Metro areas, as well as the floor plans we can build for you. Whether you’re looking for a townhome or a single-family home, we’d love to show you how we can provide you with the right combination of more home and smart choice.

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I still love the size of the home I bought for the money. I love how big each room is and that we never feel cramped, and for a fraction of what our friends paid to be in the same size home in other areas. We can still afford to travel, eat out, and do what we like, so I recommend HistoryMaker to all my money-minded friends!

Daniel G.

HistoryMaker Homes

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