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What to look for in a new home walk-through inspection

May 29, 2020

What to look for in a new home walk-through inspection

You found or built your dream home and you are ready to move in, but there is one last step before you unpack your boxes: a home walk-through. We at HistoryMaker Homes try to make this task as painless as possible with a quality inspection completed by our team and a pre-close meeting with you to walk you through the home. 

As you prepare for your final sign off, here a quick guide for what to look for in a new home walk-through inspection.

What to look for in an exterior home inspection

This starts as soon as you pull into the driveway and covers everything from the color of your shingles to the landscaping. It may be wise to bring along your selection sheet if it helps to make sure your home has that dream home curb appeal.

Look closer at the paint to ensure that it is consistent on your siding and trim and there are no imperfections that we missed on our end. Even the sharpest eyes can miss a streak in the wrong lighting. 

If the lot has fresh sod, make sure you are off to the right start and know how to keep it growing in your first few months with the home. 

Check the light fixtures and learn how to control them whether they are motion-sensitive or controlled with a switch. Locate your available outdoor outlets too. It will make projects and holiday decor much easier throughout the life of your home. 

Circle around to the backyard and survey your patio too as well as the door leading out to it. Make sure the concrete lays flat and door seals tightly. Locate your outlets here too for future entertaining. 

Finally, take a look at the garage. Make sure the door works smoothly and any outdoor controls are programmed for easy entry. This may be your family’s main entrance to the home so you want to make sure it’s accessible and up to the challenge. 

What to look for in a walk through before closing

Now it’s time to take a look inside and make sure your new home is move-in ready. We suggest picking up where we left off with your exit points. Check each door and window for functionality meaning that they open and close easily with no sticking, squawking or jamming. Try the locks and even check for a breeze in case the seal isn’t quite right. 

Look around and check the paint inside too. We are looking for the same things that we did outside like coverage and consistency. This is a big task to examine all the rooms, but it will hopefully save you from painting projects for years to come. 

Next up, we’ll want to test the bathrooms -- clothed and clean this time around. The toilets should flush, shower should flow freely and sinks should turn on too. If you can, check the GFIs for a safe shutoff with your hair dryers and other grooming products. 

Think about bringing a charger to test other outlets around the house as well, especially if you chose USB outlets. No one wants to be without a fully-charged phone! 

Finally, it’s time to explore the attic and basement. No matter how much you plan to use either one, you’ll want to know how to navigate and how to problem solve with simple fixes like relighting a pilot light on the furnace or switching a breaker. 

What happens if I miss something in my inspection?

Don’t worry! That happens all the time. You will receive a printed booklet with warranty details at closing with instructions for almost every scenario. It’s also available on our site anytime at this link: historymaker.com/warranty-faqs.

Most of all, we want you to know that our team is here from start to finish and beyond to ensure your dream home stays dreamy throughout your family’s stay. 

If you are just starting your home search, we have new homes for sale in Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, as well as homesites and floor plans we can build for you. Sign up to get the latest updates on our growing list of homes and communities.

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