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Buy Your Dream Home Now While Rates Are Low

October 15, 2020

Buy Your Dream Home Now While Rates Are Low

Raise your hand if you’re tired of dealing with old appliances while making dinner. Or not having enough space outside for seasonal furniture. Or even having your home office double as a play area. With all the time you spend at home, you deserve the right amount of space and comfort.

Recently, your wants and needs may have changed (and we totally get it). That’s why a new home adds certainty to your daily life. Built with all-new systems, clean air, energy efficiency, and more flexible space, a new home is like a breath of fresh air… all day, every day.

The good news is that if you’re ready for a new home, historically low mortgage interest rates are another great reason to consider buying new right now.

Today’s Mortgage Interest Rates

Most of us cannot pay for the full cost of a home up front, out of pocket. That’s why we obtain a mortgage loan. A mortgage loan is a financial transaction — a borrower (buyer) borrows a lump sum of money from a lender in order to purchase a home, and agrees to pay it back over time.

A mortgage interest rate is a percentage of your mortgage loan that you pay off on a monthly basis, along with your principal payment, until your mortgage loan is paid off completely. You can think of a mortgage interest rate as “compensation” to your lender for letting you borrow money to purchase a home.

According to a recent article published by The Washington Post, previous mortgage interest rates have been around 7%, whereas right now, they’re around 3.03%. This means that right now, you have more “buying power” than before, and you may be able to purchase the home you really want without added stress.

Choose the Home You Want

If you’re ready to look for a new home, it’s good to know that you can lock in an ideal mortgage interest rate. When you’re able to choose the exact home you want, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re surrounded by clean, healthy, and efficient structures that keep you and your family comfortable.

This season, experience the safety and security of new! You can purchase the home you want with a mortgage interest rate that you can feel confident about — today, tomorrow, and down the line.

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