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Ways to Include Your Kids in the New Home Process

January 23, 2021

Ways to Include Your Kids in the New Home Process

Deciding on a new home for your family is one of the most memorable (and exciting!) experiences of your life. That is why you may want to find fun and easy ways to include your kids in the process, and allow them to experience the excitement as well. 

While they may be looking forward to this big life change, they may also feel a bit nervous and uncertain. When you get them involved in the decision and process of your new home, you can help them feel confident about everything to come! Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to get kids involved in your new home journey.

The Home Building Process 

Make a Wish List: One of the very first things you can do is make a “wish list” as a family. Go over certain features that everyone wants to see in the new home! This will get your kids excited to move, and most of all, show them that their thoughts and opinions matter. When you are in the process of looking at different floor plans, point out features that you know your kids will enjoy, from a spacious patio to a fun game room. Write the wish list down on a posterboard and continue to add to it as you finalize your decisions.

Explore the Neighborhood: Once you have decided on the perfect community to call home, get your kids acclimated to the area before you move. When your kids are excited about what they have to look forward to, saying goodbye to your current neighborhood will be much less difficult. Drive around and stop to see attractions they will love to visit, from parks and walking trails to restaurants and stores. This will help your kids feel connected to their new neighborhood. Plus, while you are there, you can introduce yourself to neighbors!

Create a Collage: One of the most rewarding steps of your new home process is choosing options that reflect your style. After you have had an appointment to select these options, make sure to tell your kids about the choices — and help them create a collage! For example, if you selected quartz countertops and wood cabinetry in your kitchen, take pictures of your selections during your appointment or tour, print them out, and cut them out and arrange them in a fun collage. This is a great way for your kids to visualize their new home while it is being built.

Keep a Journal: As your new home comes together, it is so much fun to track its progress through a journal. Purchase a journal for each of your kids (or use any existing notebook) and give them updates about your home — you can then encourage them to write down their thoughts and feelings about each step of the process. Once you move in, your kids will love to look back at how their new home came together! The best part about journaling is that it allows kids to slow down and express feelings that they may have had a hard time expressing otherwise. And of course, the journaling can continue once you have moved in! 

There truly is nothing like the process of finding and moving into your new home. And we hope that your kids can get involved in the fun! 

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