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How to Make a Bedroom Focal Wall That Wows

November 5, 2021

How to Make a Bedroom Focal Wall That Wows

One of the most exciting parts of buying a new home is the opportunity to decorate it exactly as you would like. From paint colors to window treatments, you can put your personal touch on everything. One of the areas where you can get really creative is the bedroom. Here, the emphasis is on the personal style of whomever sleeps there, and one of the easiest ways to make an impact is by creating a focal wall.

A focal wall, or accent wall, is one wall of a room that stands apart from the others in its color or design. While you can make a big impact with paint alone, bringing in a few more materials and a little elbow grease can really transform a room. If you have the time this weekend, we have the ideas. Here are a few ways to create a DIY focal wall that wows.

how to create a bedroom accent wall

Wood Wall

Painted wood paneling is all the rage, but you do not need a carpenter to add the look to your home. A wood wall looks very similar to paneling and will add interest to your bedroom, particularly to a long wall with no windows to break it up. (This is also less expensive than buying artwork to fill the wall!) When finished installing the wood molding, you can go ultra modern and paint the wood the same color as the wall, or go bold with contrasting colors. A wood wall looks great in any bedroom.

How to Make a Wood Wall

accent wall in a childs bedroom

Grid Wall

This look is very similar to the wood wall above, but you are installing additional wood pieces horizontally across the wall, creating a grid pattern. Our homeowner in the how-to guide linked below used different neutral colors for the walls and painted the grid in solid black to make it pop in this child's bedroom. For added interest, they hung a painted wooden sign across the grid with an inspiring message to wake up to every morning.

How to Make a Grid Wall

Mirrored Wall

Mirrors used as decor always give off a classy and sophisticated vibe. They also open up a space by reflecting light, almost creating another "window." Using them as part of a bedroom accent wall will instantly make the space more elegant and refined. Pro Tip: You may not want to install the mirrors directly over the headboard — you don't want any surprises at night in case the glue hasn't dried completely!

How to Make a Mirrored Wall

Striped Wood Headboard

Using wall decorations as headboards is a hot design trend, and can be much less expensive than buying an actual one! You can get as creative as you would like with the design, but this one is great for a teenager's or guest's room. Play up the contrast between stained wood and painted wood to add a whimsical touch, and everyone will say how unique and interesting your new room is.

How to Make a Striped Wood Headboard

For DIY inspiration for your new home, be sure and visit The HistoryMaker DIY Gallery.

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