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5 Best Paint Colors for Your Home Office

November 5, 2021

5 Best Paint Colors for Your Home Office

In a recent blog post, we highlighted how to choose the right paint colors for your home. In this article, we'll discuss the best colors to use in your new home office. Whether you use this space for creative interests or your 9-5 job, this is where you should feel calm, focused, inspired, and productive to do your best work. Here are the colors that can help create your perfect work environment.

1) The Color You Love the Most!

If there is a particular color that energizes you, calms you, inspires you, or gets you into whichever zone you need to work — use it! This is your personal corner of the world, where there are no rules about what is design-appropriate or trending. Surround yourself with colors (and things) you love and you will get into the right frame of mind, every time. If the color you love is too bold or bright to paint an entire room, try an accent wall or door for just the right touch.

2) Green

Beige greens and yellow greens (ones found in nature) can have a very calming effect. (Just imagine if you could work outside in perfect weather).  If life in the rest of your home is very busy, a soothing green color scheme might be just the thing you need to focus.

3) Yellow or Orange

Yellow is a vibrant color and can instantly boost your mood and get the wheels in your mind turning. If you work in a creative industry, or you just find it hard to get going in the morning, a yellow room might be perfect for you. (A pastel hue will take the edge off a too-bright yellow). Orange is a blend of yellow and red, which will give you all the mental benefits of these colors without as much intensity.

4) Blue

Blue and its many hues are the perfect colors for maintaining focus and being productive. If you work in an industry where repetitive work is necessary, like accounting or scheduling, a light blue or teal might help you stay focused and productive throughout the day.

5) White or Off-White

If you need to have an absolutely clear mind when you start the day, go for the most neutral color there is. That way, you can bring in accent pieces daily or even seasonally that impact your state of mind. If you need to feel energetic in the winter, bring in bright flowers or artwork. If summer fun requires that you slow down and focus while at work, accessories in light blues and natural greens will do the trick.

According to the Color Affects System, here are the primary colors and the areas where they have the most psychological impact:

  • Blue: Mind
  • Red: Body
  • Yellow: Emotion
  • Green: Balance

Secondary colors, like orange or purple, will give you the balance that you crave.

Your home office is your personal space to be your absolute best. Accent it with the colors that allow you to do your best work. For information on new homes with dedicated office space, browse our floor plans in Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, or contact us.

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