At History Maker Homes, we’re proud to say that we go to great lengths to apply the combined skill and experience of over 60 years of custom home construction into each and every custom dream home we plan, design, and build. We know that nothing compares to the timeless elements of trademark quality and expert craftsmanship.

We also understand the importance of “thinking and building forward” in order to incorporate the latest technology, sustainable construction materials, and innovative processes into building 'green' resource-efficient homes. 
We call this GreEngineering.
More than a trendy word, GreEngineering is our name for the process of designing, building, and operating energy and resource-efficient “green” homes. Green homes are environmentally efficient, use less energy, less water, and fewer natural resources, resulting in significantly reduced energy costs over the course of the home's life. Green homes often rely on sustainable materials that are renewable, recycled, and/or repurposed, reducing the overall impact to the environment. In addition to the benefits in structural integrity, the use of these advanced technologies and non-toxic materials provide extra safety benefits, as well. By providing a seamless air barrier, they reduce moisture infiltration and improve indoor air quality, reducing the overall risk of illness and sickness, keeping you and your family healthier and happier.
History Maker Homes will GreEngineer your custom dream home with the following features so you can experience how intelligent and luxurious 'going green' can be:
Low E (Emissions) windows by Krestmark
R-30 Attic Guard Plus blown insulation by Guardian
R-13 batt UltraFit DS Plus spray-on exterior wall insulation by Guardian
Radiant Barrier roof decking by LP Building Products and RoyOMartin
Engineered open web truss design
Tightly-sealed duct work by Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning
High-efficiency HVAC system by Carrier
Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) interior paint by Kwal Paint
Low VOC Carpet
Pex insulated water piping
Energy-efficient appliances by Whirlpool
Insulated garage doors by Wayne Dalton 
Moen Water Sense-Certified fixtures
GreEngineering by History Maker Homes... It’s your money, your home, and your earth... Live green and save green.
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