Should You Buy a New Home or a Resale?


In the process of purchasing a new house, all homebuyers encounter the same age-old question: should I buy a new home or a resale? For some buyers, a newly-built home is where they envision spending their lives; and for others, there is nothing more ideal than a quaint and comfortable home put on the market by the previous owner.

Is one choice better than the other? Is it always better to purchase a new home over a resale, or vice versa? Ultimately, the answer depends on the circumstances of the buyer; however, there certainly are a host of compelling reasons to purchase a new house, especially if you are interested in moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Benefits of Purchasing a Resale Home

First, we want to cover the benefits associated with purchasing a home put on the market by previous owners. To begin, a potential homebuyer may have his or her sights sets on moving to a specific neighborhood wherein open property is no longer available for development; here, the buyer would have to settle on an already constructed home to fulfill his or her dream. Other homebuyers may relish the opportunity to live in a quaint, older home, one that is rich with history and is perfect for those who don’t mind do-it-yourself projects. It is for these homebuyers that a resale home may be the perfect choice.

Why You Should Purchase a New Home

There are, as mentioned above, a few circumstances in which potential buyers may benefit from buying a resale home. But unless you’re aching to perform constant repairs to a home that may not have seen renovations recently, you are likely better off suited to purchase a new one.

Most importantly, buying a new home often empowers you with greater flexibility in choice as there are many combinations of floor plans and exteriors within the same community. This experience alone convinces many potential buyers to decide on a new home.

In addition, purchasing a new home comes with other perks, such as the opportunity to outfit the house with energy efficient additions, including appliances, roofs, windows, and more. And here, it is much less likely that you’ll spend a significant amount in replacement costs for the home, which cannot be said for older models that may be falling apart.

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With the above in mind, if you are interested in moving to Dallas-Fort Worth, don’t overlook the possibility of purchasing a new home. At HISTORYMAKER Homes, we have numerous available models throughout the DFW in a handful of our new communities. Our new homes for sale throughout Dallas-Fort Worth are ideal for those interested in a spacious house with enough room to build a family. Contact us today at HISTORYMAKER Homes to learn how we can offer you more home for less money.

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