Median Home Prices Exceeded $200k in DFW, Purchasing a Newly Built Home is Even More Compelling


It is generally a widely accepted belief among homebuyers that a new home will cost significantly more than a resale. And the logic driving this may seem sound, at first – a brand-new home should always cost more than its lived-in counterpart, right?

But while this assumption may often hold true in many locales throughout the nation, future homebuyers in Dallas-Fort Worth should forget this wisdom immediately. To be sure, the Metroplex is witnessing a surge in median home prices overall, which should make a new, affordable home even more enticing as a potential purchase.

House Market Exploding in Dallas-Fort Worth

This year has seen a massive increase in the price of homes throughout the entirety of North Texas. According to a May 2015 report in the Dallas Morning News, median house sales prices soared above $200,000 for the first time this year, with the “median price of preowned single-family homes sold by real estate agents in North Texas…almost 60 percent higher than it was in January 2010.” Because of this recent boost, “the Dallas area now leads the country in year-over-year home price increases,” statistics taken from a national comparison provided by CoreLogic Inc.

Of course, a perfect storm of factors has arisen to lead to these results. With a large influx of jobs in North Texas, along with a decrease in inventory throughout the area, the median home price increase was only inevitable.

A New Home is the Perfect Solution

Once you shake the perception that a new home is inherently more expensive than a resale, you can quickly transition your thought process to the many benefits of buying a new construction home in DFW versus a resale.

High property value and low home inventory all play in favor of leaning toward a new construction purchase in a new DFW community. History Maker Homes has some of the finest new homes on the market and many of these floor plans and locations in our inventory can be had for under $200k. When cost is no longer a valid argument against buying a new construction home in DFW this option becomes even more compelling.

History Maker Homes – More House for Less Money

There is absolutely no reason to purchase a resale house for $200,000 when you can choose a brand new model in a beautiful community for a comparable price. So if you are searching for the perfect house in Dallas-Fort Worth, you’ve found the answer in History Maker Homes. We are currently constructing new communities in Fort Worth, Waxahachie, Wylie, and other areas throughout the Metroplex with prices starting in the $120s for some of our communities. Our homes are perfect for couples looking to start a family, young families interested in moving up, or even older couples interested in downsizing to a quaint new community.

Our family-owned business has been serving Dallas-Fort Worth for over 60 years, and we are happy to help you today. Contact History Maker Homes for more information on how we can turn your dream home into a reality.

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