HISTORYMAKER Homes: Good for Your Family and the Environment



The summer months will be here before we know it. Owning a new HISTORYMAKER home with energy efficient and money-saving features will make the Texas summer months a breeze.

HISTORYMAKER incorporates “green” building techniques into every home it builds by using the newest technology, construction materials and building processes. Energy efficient homes use less energy and less water than older homes, meaning reduced utility costs over the lifetime of the home.  Green built homes also focus on providing seamless air barriers, which improve indoor air quality and reduce indoor allergens and allergy-related illnesses. 

Here are just a few specific examples of how your HISTORYMAKER home will save you money on utility costs, improve your quality of life and lessen environmental impact: 

·        Low E (Emissions) windows minimize the amount of light, and therefore heat and cold, that is transmitted  through glass, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

·        Radiant Barrier roof decking reduces the amount of heat absorbed through the attic, lessening heat and cold transfer into living areas through the ceiling, again saving on utility costs

·        Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) interior paint and carpet reduceozone impact and smog formation as well as VOC’s link to respiratory illnesses

·        WaterSense-certified fixtures use 30 percent less water without affecting performance, saving families an average of 700 gallons of water per year

·        Programmable thermostats help manage heating and AC costs when you aren’t at home

·        Tightly sealed duct work, R-30 fiberglass blown insulation and R-13 fiberglass batt exterior wall insulation, among other building techniques, help prevent drafts and leaks

These are just a few of the ways HISTORYMAKER homes are good for your family and better for our world! Buyers can read more here or contact a New Home Consultant at 866-634-9838 with questions.

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