Dallas Currently Top-5 Housing Market – Get Your Home While You Can


It may come as no surprise to current DFW residents to hear that homes in the area are in high demand. With a lagging inventory, coupled with an influx of new individuals and families with employment ties to a number of businesses in the area, those looking for homes are being confronted with a very competitive housing market. And, in fact, as of August 2015, Dallas was ranked as the second hottest real estate market in the country by an economist at Realtor.com, a designation that is not likely to be shed in the near future.

How Much Does it Really Cost to Live in Dallas?

It’s not impossible to find a home throughout Dallas-Fort Worth; to be sure, an inventory still exists, allowing potential homebuyers the chance to find something in the area. However, due to the heavy demand and small amount of available homes, prices have risen as a result; a July 2015 article provided by the Home Buying Institute claims that home prices in the area have risen nearly 10.5 percent over the last year or so, with another 6.5 percent rise expected to occur through July 2016.

Of course, this does provide a host of benefits for the DFW Metroplex economy. A large surge of new residents is helping to bolster the economy and provide tax revenue from the state. It has, however, left many homebuyers wondering whether or not purchasing a home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will ever be a reality.

Are You Looking to Move? Consider a Home from HISTORYMAKER Homes

If you are currently searching for a new or resale home throughout the Metroplex, your frustration is warranted. After all, high demand and low inventory has led to a rise in prices over the past years.

Don’t give up the search though; instead consider a new home in one of the many beautiful suburban communities offered by HISTORYMAKER Homes. We are currently developing affordable homes in multiple new communities throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area in order to grow the local inventory and ensure all potential homebuyers are able to find the house of their dreams.

With help from HISTORYMAKER Homes, you can discover a beautiful and reasonably priced home in Waxahachie in our Mustang Creek development; in Sherman at the Preserve; in Wylie at Bozman Farms; or in numerous other suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth. We have many elegant and distinguished homes with brick and stone exteriors, and a number of them are available today for immediate move-in.


There’s no reason to settle for less than what you truly want with a home in the Metroplex. Reach out to us today at HISTORYMAKER Homes to find the perfect home for you.

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